Sunday, November 6, 2011

Costa Rica has a New Development in Jaco

The project will be right in between these tall buildings

We recently visited Jaco Costa Rica to find out about a new Resort that is scheduled to break ground this January. Jaco is a lazy surfer town just about an hour from San Jose. It is an easy 2 1/2 hour flight from Miami Florida.

Costa Rica is environmentally conscious. Thirty percent of the land in Costa Rica is protected. This is a very good thing because it is rich in wildlife and lush tropical greenery. There are four live volcano's on Costa Rica. They attribute the volcano's to giving this country such rich soil which enables its jungles to thrive.

One of the volcano's has hot springs. These hot springs were thought to be the fountain of youth.

Traveling to Jaco the first thing we noticed were people riding bicycles with a surf board under one arm. There was a guy that rode his horse through town and on the beach. It is kind of old meets new here. The one radio channel has 70's music and somehow Bob Marley is pictured everywhere even though he is from Jamaica.

There is a Marina called Los Suenos which I refer to as the compound. This is where all the Gringos buy expensive houses or vacation at the Marriott and never experience the culture of Costa Rica. Very nice but what is the point in traveling abroad if your going to stay on a compound?

A really cool surfer beach is a short distance or an up hill bicycle ride called Hermosa. They have hosted some of the biggest surfer contests in the world here. Lots boutique cheap hotels and restaurants to enjoy.

The area where the new Crocs Casino Resort and Condominiums will be built is at the end of the beach surrounded by other high rise condominiums. The Crocs developer has plans to beautify the area. He has a really neat way a shaming the neighbors into keeping up with his improvements. This developer doesn't play small and cut corners. He has done everything right. It is a fee simple ownership with title insurance.

This Resort and Condo development is going to set the bar for all the other developments in Jaco. The developers Dag and Rory Hascall are bringing Rory's talents as a major Casino operator to Jaco. Rory spent years working for MGM. He was the guy that was on called to bring a casino to the level of operation that MGM is known for.

Rory does everything in a spectacular way. This Resort is going to be fabulous. He plans to have the largest pool in all of Costa Rica and a live Crocodile sanctuary check out the website to see what is in store.

If you are interested in purchasing a condo or want more information please don't hesitate to give me a call. 440-554-2260

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