Friday, March 26, 2010

Advantage International expanding across the borders into Mexico

Advantage International is an extension of a small United States Real Estate firm located in Cleveland, Ohio.
The companies goal is to transact Real Estate purchases through the saftey of a United States Company. We've done the research and will help guide you to a successful purchase. "Don't leave your brain at the border" is one of the catch phrases in the Mexican Real Estate market. Using qualified professionals and making sure that you have clear title are just the tip of the iceberg when purchasing over the border. We will be posting a weekly report regarding a different location in Mexico. We have explored the areas and price ranges with all the amenities that they offer. Stay posted to hear about great locations for a second home.
Owning a home in Mexico will have a few hurdles to overcome. First you have to decide how to take title. If you are purchasing within 50 kilometers of the ocean or 100 kilometers of one of its borders. These are called restriced zones. You can not hold title if you are not a citizen of Mexico. The way to own property in the Restriced Zone is to take Title in a Trust called a Fideieomiso. Only a bank can hold your Trust and it will charge a yearly fee to do so. After your Trust is established any change to the Trust (changing heirs) will be an extra cost. The other way to own in the Restricted Zone is to own as a business. With this type of ownership you have title in your name but you aren't supposed to live in it.
The benefits of living in Mexico far outweigh the hassles of setting up your residence. Prices are extremely low compared to the United States and Canada. One of the surprising benefits is the food supply. While it isn't as pretty as the picture perfect fruit you see in an American store it sure tastes better. We attribute this to the fact that a lot of the products sold in the stores are locally produced. You can't always get everything you might want. Sometimes butter is hard to find. You will see loads of property under construction. As long as they do not finish constructin the taxes remain low. Well the taxes are dirt cheap anyway. Most of the country supports itself of oil. Gas is double of what you pay in America. You don't really notice it because when you fill up your rental car the price on the pump is for liters. So its looks the same, plus to differenc in Peso the Dollar well you get my point Metric to Peso it can get confusing. Stay tuned or sign up as a follower as we take you for a tour of Mexico and its Real Estate.