Monday, July 12, 2010

Favorite Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta

One of our favorite restaurants in Puerto Vallarta is the River Cafe. The setting is on the River on the island called Isla Rio Cuale. There is all sorts of wildlife living in this jungle like setting. As you sit there if you really look you will see iguanas in their natural habitat. Beautiful birds hide in the trees. It is funny to watch some people dine here that don't have the slightest clue of what is hiding in the trees and the river all around.

The food here is also great. Breakfast is fabulous! The coffee is rich and full bodied. You know Mexico has some of the best coffee grown right there in the mountains. They serve this little breakfast sweet breads one of which is like a croissant but with a creamy and delightful filling. They offer healthy choices like yogurt and fruit, Crepes and of course full blown eggs with pancakes. The Chef always puts a little spin of his own on his dishes and you will not be disappointed.

Lunch and dinner you will find fresh and lush salads, Steaks, lamb chops and just about anything you could possibly desire. When I am in Mexico I eat very little meat except when I dine here at this restaurant. At night the candle light with the river and jungle backdrop is so romantic. The Iguanas and other wild life are hidden and tucked in at night so if you are squeamish go at night.

The walk along Isla Rio Cuale is filled with little stores with people selling all sorts of things. There are artists that bring their work to sell on the street daily. Keep your sense of humor because these people are salesman and they will try to get you to purchase something, anything from them timeshares included!

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