Thursday, June 10, 2010

Searching for Organic back to basics lifestyle?

Have you ever thought you'd like to just get away from it all! Get away from all the Advertising, hustle and bustle of everyday life? A place where the noise is the sound of birds and feel the crisp breeze of fresh clean smelling air? Change to an organic lifestyle where big box stores are miles and miles away.

Well you can live this way in San Sebastian Jalisco Mexico. This is a mountain top village about 5085 feet above sea level. It has a wonderful robust mountain climate. Hot and sunny in the day and cool at night. The mornings often have a mist that burns off as the day settles in. This town was cut off from the world until 2004when the Mexican government put an road and incredible bridge span over the huge gorge that separates this from the main land. Before this road and bridge were installed the only way to get there was by horse or mule.

Can you imagine how the people here survived life on their own! Every thing they lived on, for the most part was made or grown right there. The village is surrounded by orchards of fruit trees and coffee plants. Yes they have tequila plants too and a tequila brewery. It is really pretty big, far bigger than what I had imagined. When you enter the village you drive up a very long, probably 5 mile cobble stone street that rolls up the mountain.Just thinking about all the man hours of making this road is something to ponder! The main street is lined with Adobe style homes with real red clay tile roofs. This road isn't straight and it is about a mile long. Eventually you will get to the town circle. There is an old church that is magnificent. One of the most beautiful little chapels I have ever seen.

You can stay over night here as there are a few Hotels and about 5 restaurants. The food is fantastic! Everything is fresh and made from scratch. You know they aren't shipping in mass produced chicken here. The people are a little shy as this is new for them to have people coming through their town on a regular basis now.

The town just recently got electricity. You can see where they have just installed the lines to there homes. I didn't see one Television set here, but they may have one somewhere. I don't know how they would get a signal because I didn't see any radio towers anywhere. No sounds of radio or airplanes.

As we walked through town a boy was coming home from a day of hunting. He had three dogs running alongside of him and a small mule. I felt like someone dropped me right in the middle of a history book. The entire town is like a museum. Sadly I'm sure this will change, now that access is available.

The drive to San Sebastian is incredible. If you are afraid of heights be ready to take something to calm your nerves. The drive is along a winding and twisting mountain side road with dramatic drops with breathtaking views! The road being so exhilarating makes it a less traveled one for trucks. This town doesn't have them rolling in and out daily. They do have tour buses in daily and they have learned to use this to their benefit and profit. But the people here don't seem to be changed by this at least yet.

You can buy property here,there are a few properties for sale. You will have to be ready to do some work unless you are ready to adapt to the old fashioned way of life. The Government permits outside residents to own Mexican property as long as you meet the distance criteria.

I loved this place, but only to visit because I am a city girl who loves all the convenience of easy care lifestyle like a dishwasher!

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